While most people would scream in horror at the sight of an insect that is flying in the air, we at do not. We have a comprehensive guide to both terrifying and amazing flying insects on our website. Flying insects include moths, butterflies, stick insects, bees, wasps, and more.
Blue Damsefly
The Blue Damselfly is a beautiful yet fragile bug, with body made of multiple segments. Despite their beauty, Damselflies are extremely voracious predators. Thi
Bogong Moth
A bogong moth will range in color from a very pale tan to black. They have a wingspan of about an inch or more, and like most moths, have four distinct wings.
Cabbage Butterfly
The Cabbage Butterfly, also known as the Cabbage White or simply the Large White is one of the most widespread butterflies in Europe. They are not, however, wel

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