On Earth, the only flying mammals that exist are bats. They can be found in all areas of the globe except for certain isolated islands, extreme desert conditions, and the polar regions. Bats have a bad reputation, what with horror vampire tales and the fear of rabies. There are actually 1,000 different bat species that have been identified, including the Flying Fox which plays a critical role in the ecosystem, as well as the Gambian epauleted bat which is a very private and shy creature.
Bumblebee Bat
The Bumblebee Bat, or otherwise known as Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat is a species of bat that is unique to the western regions of Thailand and currently has an estima
Fishing Bat
The Fishing Bat is a a small, yet highly interesting mammal, found in Central and South America. They're often called bulldog bats for their cheek bags and smal
Flying Squirrel
The Northern flying squirrel is one of the only two species of flying squirrel to be found in North America. It's range is from as far south as North Carolina a

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