Critically Endangered Species

This is the highest risk category assigned by the authoritative IUCN Red List. Critically endangered species are wild species that have either decreased or are thought to decrease by a whopping 80% within only 3 generations. These are truly fauna and flora species that truly need our help in order to survive.
Alsco Long-fingered Frog
The Alsco Long-fingered Frog gets its peculiar name from the American company Alsco who funded the expedition that led to the discovery of the Alsco Long-finger
Anderson’s mouse opossum
Anderson's mouse opossum is a small marsupial that is thought o live exclusively in the forest areas of the Andes in Southern Peru. This species is very rare an
Anderson’s Salamander
Anderson's Salamander is a unique species of salamander that is only found in Lake Zacapu, Mexico. This rare salamander is unique in that it retains juvenile ch

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