Many insects move about by walking with their legs which actually touch the ground in alternate triangles as they have a tripedal gait. Adult insects generally have 6 walking legs and they can usually be found moving at a fast pace along the ground. However, injured insects or those who have lost the ability to use a leg do use different gaits. A few of these clever insects have also been known to walk on water even though they spend most of their time on land!
Phasmatodea (Stick Insects)
This order of insects are known by different names in different countries; in Europe they are called the stick insects while in North America they are called th
African Dung Beetle
There are a great many animals that eat tons of grass a day on the savanna in Africa. These folks make a lot of droppings, or to term it correctly, Dung. In
Ants are social insects that are related to wasps and bees. Although it may not look like a bee or a wasp, it actually evolved from a wasp-like ancestor during

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