Ground Mammals

The majority of mammals that can be found on earth dwell on the ground. All of these land-dwelling mammals are evolved from ancestors who walked on 4 legs, and some of these mammals have toes that have hooves or claws for running and climbing purposes. All ground mammals use their limbs either to climb, walk, and even to roll.
The Himalayan Yak
The Yak, also known as Bos grunniens or now a days as the Poephagus grunniens, is a long haired bovine, or cow like animals that is distribu
The Aardvark is a native animal of Africa and is called the ant bear as well as Aardvark. The aardvark is built like a small pig, and has coarse hairs sca
The Aardwolf is a very small animal that is reminiscent of the Hyena, but eats insects and flying bugs. Its name means earth wolf in the Afrikaans language

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