Ground Reptiles

Most reptiles can be found on the ground. They breathe air, lay shelled eggs, and also have skin that is covered with scutes and/or scales. They are generally cold-blooded creatures, and many of them have 4 limbs or are thought to be descended from ancestors which have 4 limbs. Examples of ground reptiles include lizards, iguanas, and snakes.
Alligator Snapping Turtle
The Alligator snapping turtle is the largest turtle that lives in fresh water in North America, and is also one of the largest turtles in the world. Looking
Australian Death Adder
Common Death Adders live in eastern and south-western Australia. They are found in woodlands and forests, wetlands and in nearly every aspect of Australia that
Black Mamba
Black Mambas are one of the more poisonous snakes alive and are very widely considered the most lethal snake in the world today. They are lightening fast, very

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