Under The Ice

There are several species of underwater animals that require the extreme cold conditions in order to survive – if they move to warmer climates, they can die! In order to survive, some of these animals have thick skin and a layer of blubber such as seals, walruses, and whales. However, there are also plenty of fish and crustaceans that have a unique mechanism that allows them to keep them alive in freezing temperatures.
Alaskan King Crab
King Crabs, or as they are sometimes known, stone crabs exist around the world, but the Alaskan king Crab is made up of three different types that are fished fo
Antarctic Krill
Krill are small crustaceans that are a great deal like shrimp and live an swim in the arctic seas.
The Beluga, also commonly referred to as the White Whale is a species of predatory whales that live in the arctic waters. They are also often called "sea canari

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