Legendary Creatures

This list of legendary creatures are beasts that commonly appear in myths and other folk stories. In historic literature, these beasts were called the "fabulous creatures of earth". While some of them are thought just to be ancient tales such as dragons or sea serpents, some of these legendary creatures are thought to still exist today such as the Bigfoot, chupacabras, and the Black Hound.
The Batutut is a hominid of legend across Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia and was first sighted in1918 according to local history. Described as being covered from he
Do you think it’s possible that a furred man like being inhabits the more remote areas of the United States.? It seems somehow arrogant of us to assume th
Black Hound
Sightings of the Black Hound have been reported all over England since the early 1500's up until the present day. The Black Hound is often described as an abno

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