Nature News

Want to find out what is happening in our big, great world of ours? Find out the latest nature-related news. These articles are about recent activities that have hit the news headlines around the globe, ranging from amazing scientific breakthroughs to hilarious or odd things that animals have done – either to each other, or to humans.
“Walking Cactus” Fossils Found in Southwestern China
There is a new study (published on February 23rd in Nature) stating that the fossils belonging to an ancient creature resembling a “walking cactus" came out
‘Grieving’ dolphin keeps hold of dead calf
If you thought that humans were the only ones that grieved for those close to them who passed away – think again. Recently at a harbour in New Zealand, a grie
9,400-Year-Old Dog Bone Unearthed
A 9,400 year old dog skull fragment has been found amongst fossilised human waste. According to researchers, this is proof that humans have had domesticated dog

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