Flowering plants are some of the most beautiful and are definitely the most diverse group of plants that can be found on land. They produce seeds and flowers – and some of these flowers can even produce fruits! Flowers are loved not only for their beauty, but for their scent as well. Flowering plants are common house plants, and every flowering plants ancestor has been dated back to gymnosperms which appeared over 200 million years ago.
Desert Lupine
The desert Lupine is native to the Mojave, to the deserts of California and Nevada as well as New Mexico, Arizona and parts of Texas. It does not like higher
Firewood banksia
Also known as the port wine banksia or the strawberry banksia, the firewood banksia is a flowering plant species in the genus, Banksia. It is actually either a
Heartsease (Viola Tricolor)
Before the cultivated pansy was developed the wild pansy was the progenitor for the domesticated flowers that we know and plant today. . Known also as the

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