Aquatic Mammals

Aquatic mammals are mammals such as dolphins and whales that have flippers which actually evolved from four-legged creatures, just like mammals that can be found on the ground. Buoyed by an aquatic environment, some of these aquatic mammals such as whales evolved into not only being one of the largest animals that we know of, but also the largest mammal ever.
Amazonian manatee
The Amazonian manatee is the only fresh water manatee in the world and is found only in the Amazon river basin. This unique species of manatee is currently clas
American Manatee
The American Manatee may not be one of the most beautiful animals, but they are one of the few mammalian species that eat underwater vegetation. Having suffered
Atlantic Humpback Dolphin
The Altantic humpback dolphin were first scientifically described by Kukenthal in 1892. They belong to the humpback dolphin family, and are members of the genus

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