This section is all about life underwater that are not part of an aquatic mammal or fish family. These include animals such as crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp, lobster, and prawns; as well as octopus, sea cucumber, and mussels. However, there is a huge amount of underwater plant life to discover such as algae and sea ferns.
Dangerous Blue Ring Octopus
A serious threat in the coastal waters of Australia for those who wish to explore is the little blue ring octopus. One of the most poisonous
The Dangerous Jellyfish
Another in the "most dangerous animals" series, the Jellyfish fits nicely in this category. Jellyfish are not usually deadly to humans although some kinds a
Algae is the Latin word for seaweed. It is a autotrophic organism that can either be unicellular or multicellular. The most complex and biggest form of marine o

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