There are plenty of insects that live both in and on trees. While many of these insects are harmless, some can truly cause fatal damage to trees. There are 3 categories of insects that live on trees, and they are chewing insects (those which chew on fruits and foliage), sucking insects (those which do damage by sucking liquid from twigs and leaves), and boring insects (those which tunnel through the tree).
The Cochineal is an insect which is famous for which the crimson dye, carmine, is derived from. This insect is actually a parasite which is native to both tropi
Common Earwig
The Common Earwig, also known as the European Earwig is a rather peculiar looking bug with a pair of impressive claws. The name comes from a common superstitiou
Green Tree Ant
The green tree ant found in Northern Australia is a type of weaver ant found in many other places in the world. The Australian ant is called either the gre

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