Tree Reptiles

A huge number of reptiles live in different strata of forests all over the world. These reptiles include amphibians such as the poison arrow frog, slithering snakes such as the Emerald Tree Boa and the Anaconda, as well as other classic tree reptilians such as the common iguana and flying dragons. Many of these creatures prefer to live solitary lives amongst the trees.
The name anaconda comes from the language of Sri Lanka, and refers to another snake entirely. The python and the anaconda were apparently at one time mista
Carolina Anole
Green Anoles are native to North America and some Caribbean Islands. Their name is deceptive in that they are not always green but can be green or brown a
Chlamydosaurus Kingii
Chlamydosaurus kingii is one of the most familiar of Australia's dragon lizards. It is thick limbed with a long tail and averages about 30 inches in length.

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