Camel Spider

Camel Spiders have become a household word since the inception of the Iraq war, because of the rumors of huge and bloodthirsty spiders being seen by service men, who also sent photos of spiders that were half the size of a man.

The Rumor mill from the Middle east has given us camel spiders that were large filled with venom and predators that could outrun a human and had a hefty appetite for actual mammals.

While these are myths, the Camel Spider is still an amazing creature, although it has been misidentified for years.
The camel spider, isn’t even really a spider, but rather a solpugid.

Camel Spider (Solpugid)
Camel Spider (Solpugid)

They are actually Giant Egyptian Solpugids, and grow to be a bit more than 6 inches long.

They are however extremely fast runners, with a top speed estimated between ten and fifteen miles per hour.

Although their bite is extremely painful, they are not deadly to humans. They are however vicious predators, who can bring nearly instant death to rodents, lizards and birds. They hunt primarily in the evening, and using jaws that are nearly impossible to escape from they will seize and hold a struggling prey until their jaws have done their work.

They have large, hardy jaws that can be about a third as long as their bodies, so their bite is strong enough to handle even the most wiggly of prey.

They use them to seize their victims and turn them to pulp with a chopping or sawing motion.

Camel spiders do use digestive fluids to liquefy their victims’ flesh, making it easy to suck the remains into their stomachs.

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    that is disgusting i dont think i would like one of them biting on my leg lol. i have actually seen one of these in real life though my friend has got one he bought it off ebay lol itz huge!!!! it scares me to death

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    so how do we catch one that has come back with my mates husband in his kit bag and is now running around her house, they have all moved out as they dont relish the idea of sharing a house with it !!!! No one is willing to help unless she catches it !!!! not an idea we are looking forward to. Any help would be much appreciated and gratefully recieved .

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    camel spiders freak me out! im soooo glad i dont live in Iraq! there is this one pictures that look like two camel spiders! and i saw this video on youtube that this guy caught a camel spider and had it tied to a box! he better kill it because he said he was going to feed it to his pet lizard! i hope i dont see a camel spider!! or else im packing my bags and moving to california!! they are soo scary!

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    Woww, this sounds like the most true thing I’ve heard about camel spiders to be honest, with stories like they can kill animals like deer and cats, and that they can run as fast as 30mph is rubbish really. I wonder though, how do they get their name? Myths say it’s because they can gnaw through camel’s stomaches, but it’s just because they live in the desert, like camels isn’t it?

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