For several decades the island or Puerto Rico has been home to a paranormal experience they call Chupacabra.

Animal mutilations and human disappearances in a rain forest the citizens called El Yunque.

Chupacabra literally means Goat Sucker.

The name comes from the animal’s method of attacking the other animals, and sucking the blood of cattle and other livestock, particularly goats.


Descriptions of Chupacabra vary, from witness to witness, however nearly all of them agree that it is purported to be a heavy bodied animal, about the size of a bear, with a row of spines that reached from its neck to the base of a tail

Could such a creature as this exist? Could it be a cross-breed of some other animal? Maybe a remnant of a dinosaur era that never died out?

The legend of this animal began in about 1987, when papers in Puerto Rico began to report multiple killings of animals, particularly livestock.

The devastation it created physically was only topped by the economic damage to some of the villagers who animals were killed.

Primarily the animal was reported in Puerto Rico alone, however those sightings have grown to include the US areas of Texas, and also Florida, some say as far north as Maine.

Some sightings include:

In Coleman, Texas, a farmer named Reggie Lagow caught an animal in a trap he set up after the deaths of a number of his chickens and turkeys. The supposed animal was described as a mix between a hairless dog, a rat and a kangaroo.

The animal was provided to Texas Parks and Wildlife in order to determine what species it belonged to, but Lagow reported in a September 17th, 2006, phone interview with John Adolfi, founder of the Lost World Museum, that the “critter was caught on a Tuesday and thrown out in Thursday’s trash.

In April of 2006, MosNews reported that the chupacabra was spotted in Russia for the first time. Reports from Central Russia beginning in March 2005 tell of a beast that kills animals and sucks out their blood. Thirty-two turkeys were killed and drained overnight.

Reports later came from neighboring villages when 30 sheep were killed and had their blood drained. Finally eyewitnesses were able to describe the chupacabra. In May of 2006, experts were determined to track the animal down.”

“In mid-August 2006 Michelle O’Donnell of Turner, Maine, described an “evil looking” rodent-like creature with fangs that had been found dead alongside a road. The mystery beast was apparently struck by a car, and was otherwise unidentifiable.


Photographs were taken and witness reports seem to be in relative agreement that the creature was canine in appearance, but unlike any dog or wolf in the area.

The carcass was picked clean by vultures before experts could examine it. For years, residents of Maine have reported a mysterious creature and a string of dog maulings.”

“In May 2007, a series of reports on national Colombia news reported more than 300 dead sheep in the region of Boyaca, and the capture of a possible specimen to be analysed by zoologists at Universidad Nacional of Colombia”

What exactly IS Chupacabra, and does it really exist? Could another species exist along with the animals we know of, that does this kind of damage and hasn’t been catalogued or seen before?

In every mystery it seems that there is an element of truth. Where is the truth in this one?

  • arslan ahmed

    wow this really fascinates me i am sure there must be some kind of animal out there that is being seen.. it is there and it is the beauty and strangeness of nature

  • Ejnea Coaly

    That was really fun to read about

  • nick

    yeah but do you think if it were real that it would live in Tennessee or somewhere around there

  • jessca

    I think there is something beautiful and exciting to see that no one else has seen, that compliments everything in nature in a new an creative way.

  • Knight Wolf

    I know the answer to this one. I saw an article last summer (probably the May 2007 inident) about a new species of canine which killed by blood-sucking. Real people took real photographs of a dead canine, which I saw in the paper. (Yes, the locals called it a chupacabra.) It looked like a wolf of some kind, but it had an ugly nose and snout sort of like a vampire bat, further proving its sucking method of killing. The battish face and small eyes did look a bit rodent-like.

    As stated here, the body was to be idetified and studied in Columbia. But I never heard anymore about it.

  • Callie

    Where exactly did that photo of the Chupacabra come from? Is that supposed to be a photo of a real creature or a plastic model, or what?

  • jessie

    that thing is soooooooooooooooo ugly! i would call it the naked creature! because it has no fur! i never wanna see one of those things!

  • [email protected]

    I would hate to see that thing…is that even real or what??.

  • Knight Wolf

    The chubacabra is real and I’ve seen a real picture of it, not a model. The picture on this web page, however, is not real.

  • OUbrat

    My husband saw what he thinks was a “Goat Sucker” a couple weeks ago run across in front of his vehicle. He told me about it, he had never heard of a Chupacabra at the time. When he told me about it I said it sounded a lot like this animal. Tonite I showed it to him and he freaked out. He swears that the footage of the Chupacabra on the dashboard cam looks just like what he saw. We live in Tennessee!

  • ed

    oh my it does really exist? is just like a tiyanak in our folkore in the philippines

  • Ann

    We’re in TN. We saw something like that in our own area, down the road from our home several weeks back. My husband wouldn’t stop so we could get a better look at it, so I only got to see it for a brief moment when passing it. It was eating off a carcass with a vulture. It wasn’t there when we came back from town, though. I wanted so much to take a picture of it. It looked like a large Mexican hairless, but it did have some hairs on him.
    Then last night my husband said he saw it again in the same vicinity, but only caught the tail end of it going back into the woods.

  • jaycee

    is this animal real?

  • allie martin

    it is possible its real i mean look at the giant squid it has NEVER been documented in the wild but it washes up on shore and is in captivity.It would not be suprising that there is another animal good at eluding humans and hunting at night when most animals hunt.

  • phoenix west

    jacky chan animated series featured this ‘chupacabra’. I think this kind of ‘monster’ just a figment of curious, imaginative minds. why. because if “that” animal carcass’s was been ripped vultures, the bone can be used to determine the things is really true and not haux. Tsk. Its like one of those reported merman here in our town in Mindanao, they caught two, the other one died while the other is still breathing but it never did make such noise. you know. cause it something big discovery if this were really true.

  • kara jane

    I was watching worlds most amazing video’s last night,
    and someone had video proof, it daylight
    of a Chupacabra.
    several months ago, me and my friend were watching youytube. and saw something about it, but it was just pictures
    so today I looked on the internet.
    It looks kinda like a kangaroo. which is awsome cause I live in Australia.
    i want one

  • sam

    scary! who ever thought such an animal could ever live

  • 7Knight-Wolf

    As I said above, you may recall, the chubacabra is real. Some legends have blown it up to be a monster but it is really a something like a canine. I’ve read several respectable articles on it and will try to find sources if it helps anyone here. The chubacabra does not hurt people, in fact it is a VERY reclusive animal, and it only kills goats because of the growing loss of habitat and the ease of stealing livestock over hunting.

  • nature lover

    it looks scary. but it is sooo cool at the same time

  • jellybean16491

    tht was actually rlly cool but at the same time like rlly scary.. the only thing is tht im puerto rican and since mexicans have always used the legend i was suprised to see that it was puerto rican and not mexican! lol but anyway it was super interesting to read and i really enjoyed it =P

  • Arwen 420

    Yup, sketchy and fascinating at the same time. Thats the kind of thing that makes me want to look away, but I just can’t.

  • Cupcake

    is it really real tho?

  • Alucard

    actually i live in puerto rico, and a couple of years ago a bunch of exotic animals escape from a zoo, U can go to the west of the island and u can actually see african vultures and monkeys, i think it some none native animal like a big cat or some other carnivore…

  • jhelouparis

    some people believe in this legendary creatures but this legendary chupacabra does not exist there just in our imaginations thinking it exist make us believe it exist

  • ThePokeFreak

    I have heard several news involving this cryptid and then I fell in love with this creature(don’t mistake it for actual ‘love’though!).I searched various websites for it’s info,consulted with many people,watched the television,etc and the final conclusion was that “There have been a few captured specimens but all of them dead and by genetic analysis ,the creature is identified as a regular coyote with a skin disease and this diseased coyote is supposed to be the infamous chupacabra “.but i still think that there is a more better explanation to this and the chupacabra might be a real think bit for now,…………………… is just a legend shrouded in mystery.

  • devin

    maybe we shoudl quit killing them weve killed three already and there might be barely any left whether its real or fake they should have a law same with the tasmanian tiger they think ones still eft so they made a law that its illegal to shoot it you can get up to 70 years in prison so pretty much life

  • RyanMacMaster

    I agree completely.

  • Naatashaf

    This s*** is nasty

  • Fnatashamichelle

    I am very scared of these things, :’( I almost cried when I saw one!

  • Tallullahmaefrance

    my uncle found 1 eating a cow

  • Breanna L.

    yes Kara Jane,people keep killing them and the act like it’s a beast.It looks like a cutiepie.It looks like a hairless dog for all sakes.I also want one.And EVERYONE ELSE CAN SHUT THE **** UP.


  • Breanna L.

    I Totally agree.Do you think they are cute or ugly?I want one as a pet.They suck animals blood.NO!They bite animals and then lap up blood like a dog.Please reply.

    Breanna L.

  • Breanna L.

    no they do exist just they are a mix of dogs.They are cute.I personally want one for myself. thanks I just wanted to add my saying to your comment.

  • Breanna L.

    yes i very much agree.It does not even suck blood.It bites animals then laps up the blood like a dog fyi to those who do not know:it is a dog just a mix of diff. kinds.
    thanks very much,
    Breanna L.

  • Breanna L.

    Do you think that they are scary?I personally think from the “Drawings” and then i go and see pictures and i just think it ts a wolf mixed w/mexican hairless

  • timothy

    last time me and my friend go to a camping trip and we all saw a chupacabra it kill one of my friends

  • Moon Howler

    I Love Chupacabras

  • Moon Howler

    so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Grrrrrr ~(:})

  • Moon Howler

    I Love Chupacabras ~(:})

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