Nessie (Loch Ness Monster)

The Loch Ness “monster” which the locals call “Nessie” is a study in legendary creatures.

Purported to be a plesiosaur-like creature which lives in the Loch Ness, a very long and extremely deep lake located in Scotland, Nessie has a long body with a very long tail and neck with grey markings on her torso.

She is reputed to look very much reminiscent of the Brontosaurus.

Many sightings of Nessie have been recorded, going back as long as we have recorded such events.

Loch Ness Monster
Loch Ness Monster

Of course the current resident would be a child of the current, which brings us to another question. Is there more than one?

Beginning in 1934 Dr RK Wilson, a physician from London supposedly photographed a creature with a long neck emerging from the murky waters of the lake.

Prior to the taking of the photos, Nessie, as the locals call her, was a legend, and a local myth.

Professionals examined the photo and curious, began to examine more than just that first photo

Explorations by submarines with sensing devices followed. Today, in the wake of the Loch Ness question a tourist industry exists that spends literally multi millions of dollars each year.

The tourism industry that surrounds Nessie includes submarine rides and a tourist center as well as web cam sites existing.

“The Smithsonian even has a WWW page on Nessie, where it advocates continued scientific investigation into the matter.” If you are curious about the Loch Ness Monster, you can visit her Smithsonian Page on the web.

  • Sam

    Just to let you know…this picture was proved as a fake; it was a toy submarine with an attachment ontop.

  • Lee

    Sam, thanks for pointing that out to us. Would you be able to recommend a photo we can use to represent nessie?

  • yo

    that photo was proven to be a toy subarine with an attachment on it.

  • james cryptid

    i for one think this is fake..but i love cryptid monsters like nessis shes my fav. cryptid monster! =)

  • Keep Calm

    How do you know if Nessie’s a girl?

  • Linzy

    i do believe that nessie, and other like her/him do exsist.
    This photo however is obviously fake, and has been proven, and confesed of. There was a woman who has a REAL picture of this species that she took while her kids were playing on the shores. I’ve always been interested with the loch and this creature.
    i wish that ppl could get more evidence of these animals.
    there were other sightings in a deff location, i cant recall where now though.

  • sir samuel f. finnagin

    now all u youngens out there r gettin angry about this here picture. well ima bout to tell the truth, the whole truth and nuthen but the truth.
    this picture is a picture of my weiner. i took it while rizen up out the bath tub.
    there. i said it. now quit your bickerin.

    truly urs,
    sir samuel f. finnagin.

  • sparta

    it looks like a person in water with its arm up.


    well who is saying the lochness monster is not reall well your crazy cuzz he is and yea i know this cuase i live right next to the lake and i saw him!
    i call him baby joe i named him after my grandpa! :]
    yea thats right my grandpa
    he was a great man and baby joe ate him all up!
    and yea so dont think i dont know!
    well i do
    bye bye for now! :]

  • Carmen

    Hi, im carmen and i sponserd a dolphin called nevis and so i am intrested in many sea creatures and even the so believed legand creatures. I now believe that nessie is real because all the proof i have had it all comes together in one piece. Everytime i look up ,”loch ness monster real?” it all comes up with the same, same anwser, that nessie is real! Thankyou for reading this ill be commeting a lot so please look at what i say please! Carmen

  • babi Gurl

    you should take some pix to prove it huni coz no one will believe u till u can prove it… and why did u rename her?

  • James

    Although I do think the picture is a fake there are documented cases of the sea monster as well as numerous amounts of money have been spent by scientists and private investors to find the creature. ( I am sure there is some strong evidence suggesting that the monster exists, why else go through all the trouble to find it?

  • allie martin

    it could be like the giant squid, extremly good at eluding people. giant squids have never been documented in the wild so why is this any different? we know giant squids are real even though we have no documents of it so nessie could be real too!

  • phoenix west

    I can sense all living creatures. but there isnt auras like of that the ness stuff existing. it was a fake.

    he should have ‘photographer’ shoot many times to see the truth. but it happen one foggy day, so it was all messed up.

    and lens of old are yea.. so yesterday.

  • steve

    it’s real ok

  • alliah

    That’s ridiculous. Nobody will believe you. That picture wasn’t taken in 2008, that’s for sure. It’s origins have already been proven. Sorry, either the world is less gullible than you think, or you’re HORRIBLE at making jokes.

  • alliah

    plz tell me how these statements are funny! (I think they are seriously retarded.)

  • kevinn :)

    haha imagine u like go to nessie and just say, her girl and then u say come take a picture with me plz! and then u do, and then u put up on the internet and then they say its photshoped! haha

  • Arwen 420

    There’s also something very similar in Lake Champlain between Vermont and New York, except he’s called “Champ”.

  • shelby n

    I think Nessie is a something to be left alone so she does not get drow out of the and die, so just leave it people!

  • Karla

    Dr. Wilson wasn’t even the one who took the picture. He received the credit for someone else’s picture.

  • Subhrodeep Saha

    a nice Q


    It looks like an elephants trunk

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