Super Pack of Wolves Ravage Russian Town

A bloodthirsty “super pack" of wolves have been terrifying a Russian town, after leaving over 30 horses dead in just 4 days.

Hungry wolves are on the rampage
Hungry wolves are on the rampage

This super pack of 400 wolves have been spotted prowling over the outskirts of Verkhoyansk, attacking livesetock at will. As a result, a 24 teams of hunters have been assembled to get rid of these terrorists. Every wolf skin brought to officials carries a bounty worth £210.

The Administration Official for the district of Verkhoyansk, Stepan Rozhin, said, ‘To protect the town we are creating 24 teams of armed hunters, who will patrol the neighbourhood on snowmobiles and set wolf traps.’

Even though there are these 24 teams, Rozhin claims that they require more recruits. This is because once daylight increases, the hunters will start shooting predaotrs from helicopters.

A pack of wolves of this enormous size is unheard of. Wolves, like many other animals, prefer to hunt in a smaller group of about 6 or 7 individuals. This has left animal experts rather baffled, as this huge group is thought to be comprised of several hundred packs.

A wildlife behaviour expert, Dr. Valerius Geist, said that the harsh winters that Siberia is known for, where temperatures can plummet down to -49C has killed off wolves normal prey. However, he did add that it is unusual for wolves to gather in such large numbers to hunt down large animals such as horses. Their usual prey are smaller animals such as rabbits. The population of rabbits have decreased this year due to lack of food so wolves have had to change their habits in order to survive.

Geist says that “Wolves are very careful to choose the most nutritious food source easiest obtained without danger – which in this case happens to be horses. They will start tackling dangerous prey when they run out of non-dangerous prey."

Local villagers have managed to snare a number of these bloodthirsty wolves. However, as the super pack is so big, it is likely that it will take quite a while to deal with.

The area of Verkhoyansk has a population of just 1,300 people. It is one of the most remote and coldest places in the northern hemisphere. It lies in an area also known as “Stalin’s Death Ring", as the former Dictator used to send his political exiles there due to the extreme weather conditions.

  • Whiteturbo

    So the persecution against one of the most adaptable creatures in the world continues, and why? because it continues to do what it has always done. We should be clever enough to persuade it to hunt elsewhere without killing it. Will man not be satisfied until we drive the wolf to extinction?

  • Supporting Nature

    I think it would be cool if the wolves boarded the helicopters and shot the people frankly…..of course, as humans, we always kill or enslave something we are afraid of…humans are very destructive…we always find a way to destroy nature….

  • Seeno

    I believe humans should find ways to save the animals without hurting them or us.

  • Danuab

    Moving the wolves without harming them is obviously the ideal choice but “ideal” is not always “practical”. I personally could not blame someone for killing one or two wolves if they put the lives of myself, my family and/or my livestock (and thus my livelihood) at risk. I don’t think I could kill them personally, but I can’t blame the people who do.

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