Blob Fish

The Blob fish is a type of fish found off the coast of Australia and Tasmania but don’t expect to see one on your holidays as they are extremely rare to come by. The reason the Blob fish is so rare is that they live very deep down in the sea, literally just off of the sea bed. The Blob fish are found at a depth of around 800 meters which would make life impossible for most fish as at that depth the pressure is roughly eighty times more than at sea level. The reason that the Blob fish can survive at such a depth is also what gives it such a unique look (some would say ugly), foregoing a gas bladder (found in most fish to keep them buoyant) the Blob fish is almost entirely comprised of gelatinous substance, this keeps the Blob fish from sinking as the density of the goo is less than that of then sea where they are found.

Blob fish out of water
Blob fish out of water

Blob fish out of water

As the Blob fish is comprised of a gelatinous substance they actually have no muscles at all and they just float in the same spot most of the time waiting for their next meal. Scientific research has explained that the main diet of the Blob fish is that of sea urchins and mollusks. The Blob fish will literally float in place waiting for a meal to come by with little or no effort exerted in hunting prey, this leads to in-frequent meals which works fine for the Blob fish as sustenance isn’t needed in a large level as the Blob fish devotes almost of its time to floating stationary, its because of this behavior that the Blob fish has been branded ‘lazy’.

The female Blob fish lays thousands of eggs at once and unlike a lot of fish the Blob fish will actually stay with her eggs, floating above as usual of in some cases literally sitting on the eggs. The Blob fish nesting habits are interesting as its not uncommon to find groups of Blob fish nesting together with one females eggs sometimes right next to another females. Its not known whether this behavior is strategic of whether it is just a result of their ‘lazy’ nature.

Blob fish underwater
Blob fish underwater

Blob fish underwater

When under water the Blob fish has an comical, almost human looking face however if taken out of water the Blob fish will die after a short while and is gelatinous body will dry out and shrivel no longer resembling the typical way people think of Blob fish. Currently the survivability of Blob fish is being investigated as it is becoming to common an occurrence of fishermen catching Blob fish by mistake and of course severely lessening their chances of survival.

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    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but ineed to no more abut it for my project lik how it takes care of its offspring how it survives and about its population

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    dude what is up with this fish. it looks like it just got its skin burnt off. well i think iam going to have nightmears tonight……

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    ok, we have to remember that the blobfish is accostomed to a habitat of extreme pressure….when you pull it out of its habitat up to sea level where the pressure is significantly lower… the poor fish is going to expand…and get bloated….probably thats why the skin has ruptured… its basically exploding. It cannot survive in an environment of such low pressures, the same way humans would be crushed to death in an environment of extreme pressure.
    Check out hte pic of hte blobfish in its natural environment… looks practically like a a reuglar fish…

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    The top one looks like it’s been skinned already!!

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    Does the blob fish really lose skin or is it photo shopped?
    just wanted to no because my friend is doing a science project on this thing
    and he tells me that it skins it’s self?
    i find that messed up…

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    The top one looks rather discusting. But it is still interesting. :)

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    Oh my goodness this fish is creepy!!! I think that some of them pictures on the web are fake. I mean really, I may be from Teenessee but I think that there is a little more reality than what this people are saying about this so called “Blob Fish” all I’m going to say is that, don’t be fooled by this thing that people call a fish. WOW!!!

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    These fishes are only ugly out of the water compare a ugly one out of the water to one in the water Blobfish and Blob Scuplin are kinda cool looking in the water i mean if u just see a photo go see one in california urself and u will decide of how they look like.

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    i think this fish is freakin ugly its an ugly jellyfish

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    wt* this is really ugly but still i too need more info please i know that this fish looks really sad and all this and that you probably don’t want to make a reshearch on it because i make you feel guilty to take advantage of a sad creature like this but plz

  • Megan

    Can anyone help me with a report? I need to know the life span of a Blobfish, how it reproduces and cares for it’s young. Also, any cool facts not listed here.


  • Megan

    Can anyone help me with a report, like what is the life span, how does a Blobfish reproduce and take care of it’s young?


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    Wow, that is indeed an ugly fish! You know what, I am doing a report on it for school.I have to. the fish looks naked! What did you do shave it to the sore.

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    this may truly be a fish if i look at the fish taken when it is in the water but when it gets up it looks like it is a fake fish. Like if some child have been playing with playdoo that is pink and made a face with eyes and a big potatoe nose. maybe just pure unluck or the fish is a fake. it looks weird.
    but it can also be a real as i said in the first place :P. the picture i saw was this one i will paste the picture’s adress

    then you understand my first thought it looks fake. i mean it even reminds of a human face with a potatoe nose and a bigmouth. (poor fish and bad human who did this *irony* and a joke even if it was a bad one ^^). :S bleeeeh. *shivers down my spine* well let the scientists decide how real it is :D i am still curious about it, it looks so ugly i can’t stop looking at it XD.
    well hope to read some more info on the fish later on, wintry greetings from a curious swedish who wanna know everything about it not only where it lives but why and how it makes offspring, what it eats and yeah Everything!

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    The Blobfish is not ugly. Creepier/uglier ones:

    Hagfish in action:

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    Interesting and informative. But, please learn to use comprise and compose correctly. The rules are as follows. The parts compose the whole, the whole comprises the parts. Or, the elements compose the set, the set comprises the elements. “Comprised of” is always wrong, composed of would have been correct. E.g.: The yarn is composed of cotton, nylon, and acrylic. The family comprises four genera and 12 species. Senile individuals compose the entire remaining population.

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    I am very disappointed in those of u who called me ugly. And don’t make fun of my shedding skin. U make me sad.

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    well very informative i didn’t know anything but its name before i read it

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    Can anyone please tell me when this fish became “endangered/Extinct” if it indeed did?

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    can any body tell me that this fish are extinct

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    The blob fish is SO cute! I saw a blob fish portrait in Tuesday’s New York Times (August 10), and I’m in love with it, in a manner of speaking, of course. I had never known about it until then.

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    Well, it’s ONE of the most beautiful/ugly creatures, anyway.

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    It doesn’t have anything to defend itself. Blob fish live in the deep sea, Which has extreme pressure. Probably if a fish goes down there, it would explode..Like this. Kaboom. Blood.splat

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    If there was an award for world’s ugliest creature this poor fellow just got nominated!

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    Looks close to my question, but what I’m looking for has no eyes nor mouth, and will stick to the side of the aquarium like a snail, anemone, or starfish. Almost resembles an organ of the human body like the heart or liver and when touched will expand. When untouched will release back to normal size. Then when ready to move it will glide across the tank to a new spot. Some say it has “spanish” in the name; it is also more like an invert’ as it is mostly a filter feeder.

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