Dangerous Blue Ring Octopus

A serious threat in the coastal waters of Australia for those who wish to explore is the little blue ring octopus.

One of the most poisonous sea creatures in existence is found off the coast of Australia. The Blue Ring Octopus is also found near New Guinea as well as the Phillipines.

Blue Ring Octopus
Blue Ring Octopus
This small creature, about the size of a golf ball, or even smaller at times, is highly toxic to humans and there is no known antivenin for the venom of the Blue Ring Octopus, which is highly poisonous. The venom of the Blue Ring Octopus contains neuro toxins, and can lead to paralysis, and will, if left untreated, end up in cardiac arrest for the victim.
The Tiny but VERY poisonous Blue Ring Octopus
The Tiny but VERY poisonous Blue Ring Octopus
The venom is such that the victim is aware of his surroundings, and is able to understand what is taking place, but can not breath or move. The tiny poison octopus carries enough venom to kill about twenty six humans.It is possible to make a recovery from the venom though provided that supportive care is given to the victim of the bite. Rescue breathing for several hours will be necessary.The Blue Ring Octopus is a very reclusive and secretive creature so its encounters with men are quite rare, which, considering the highly toxic nature of the animals is fortunate.

The Blue Ring is actually quite a timid animal, which will seclude itself in the cracks and crevices between rocks during the day and come out at night to hunt for crabs, which is its primary prey.

The Blue Ring will also eat shrimp and may feed on fish if they are able to capture them. The Blue ring will dive onto its prey and using their venom paralyze the victim then using their beaks will tear away at the victim.

Blue Ring Octopus
Blue Ring Octopus

Growing to just about twelve centimeters the Blue Ring Octopus packs a lot of poison for its tiny punch.





  • Joost Rooijmans

    I happen to see this little creature in the low tides of the bali waters. Very interesting considering that I wasn’t aware of its venomous distinction and almost touched the animal…

  • Kaitlynn

    This octopus is naturally beatiful. Its blue rings are a big stand out.

  • sarah

    i have to do a study on an animal and now i know what animal i want to study. these things are so cool !

  • sarah

    you really get to see these things in the ocean everyday

  • gautam

    it is very good give more images of extined animals

  • will

    Octopuses rule you cant beat them the blue ringed is the best

  • Claire

    They are dangerous

  • Sean

    dont want to be bitten by one of them.lol so small.

  • Sean

    claire they are dangerous.

  • Josh

    Just like elswhere in nature The bright colors mean stay away! Like the poison dart frog and the coral snake!

  • Josh

    They stand out as a warning to stay away

  • bailey

    how is something so small..so dangerous? lol

  • Penelope Frieze

    there kinda cool but they kill up to 26 “Men”

  • will

    this is a really cool octopus! though you couldn’t pay me a hundred bucks to touch it….

  • Awesome LANI

    This octopus is pretty but DEADLY!!!!!!! i dare u 2 touch it! hahh LOL

  • Nik

    Why dont u do it?

  • Jvip5

    and deadly!!!!

  • Caitlynmccoy

    haha yeah why dont you do it!!!

  • Kiki 464

    wow , you guys are so right me and howard totalzz agree with yall !! brooklynn dickerson you took the words out of my mouth . love yah gurl

  • pish!

    And peacocks! And goldfish! And corn snakes! And parrots! Hang on… I think there’s a gaping hole in your theory. The comments on this site are retarded (yes, including this one)…

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