Big Bend National Park

In Texas visitors will be able to find a stunning national park called the Big Bend National Park. It goes on for over 1,000 miles. This park has gained a lot of national importance because the area of the Chihuahuan Desert is one of the largest parts that’s protected. The park has over 1,200 plants and over 450 kinds of unique birds, 75 species with mammals and it also has at least 56 species with the reptiles.

The Weather

The Big Bend National Park goes through a lot of climate change and contrasts that seem to be very dramatic. The climate with the park is known for being extreme. During the summer days and in the late part of spring it often times exceeds over 100 °F. Winter is not as bad but sometimes there are some very freezing and cold temperatures that might occur occasionally.

What to Do at Big Bend National Park

Visitors will be able to join in on a lot of exciting and fun activities that they have going on year round. If someone doesn’t want to hike but still see the wonders of nature at the park they can go sightseeing in the car. Some other activities that visitors can do include being able to ride horses, bicycles, ride motorcycles and paddle with the beautiful river.

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