Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Islands National Park has around five to eight Channel Islands and is a United States National Park. The park has a variety of cultural and a lot of natural resources. On April 26, 1938 was the birth date of when it became a U.S. National Monument. In the year 1976 it became a National Biosphere Reserve and finally in March 5, 1980 it was promoted and was able to become a National Park.

The islands located within Channel Islands National Park go all the way from Point Conception to around Santa Barbara and then to San Pedro. Ventura is where visitors can find the park headquarters plus they can also find the Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center. The park is big and has around 249,354 acres.


A lot of visitors go to the park in the Summer time because of all the things going on but during the autumn time there’s some special things going that some might not know about. Visitors can see the migrating gray whales during autumn. It’s a wonderful and incredible thing to see the gray whales migrate.

The winds are minimal and it’s almost always sunny during the autumn season which makes it perfect for traveling the park plus diving. Another activity that visitors enjoy is camping on Santa Cruz Island because of the Pirate’s Cove. With so many visitors going to the island they recently opened up a island visitor center on Santa Cruz Island called the Scropion Ranch.

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