Crater Lake National Park

The Crater Lake National Park is such a beautiful park that it has been known to inspire lots of people over the years. The lake is pure and very deep. The waters are crystal clear blue which makes it awe-inspiring. The beauty at the Crater Lake National Park is immeasurable.

The Weather

The weather at the Crater Lake National Park plays a big role with it and more so during the winter months because it helps with shaping the landscapes around it and the snow starts to fall down then it starts to accumulate sometime in October. Sometime in June is when the snow might start melting. Summertime is so beautiful with its warm days and crystal blue skies with nights that are cool. Visitors might find it hard to travel during the August months because of the fog and clouds that surround the park making it very hard to see.


Hiking is very popular at the Crater Lake National Park because it has a lot of campgrounds and numerous hiking trails inside of the park. People who love to fish can do so at ease since the fishing is unlicensed. The park has a lot of species which also include Rainbow Trout and the Kokanee Salmon. When the snow starts to fall during the cold months visitors can enjoy doing other things at the park such as skiing.

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