Crocker Range National Park

Established in 1984, the Crocker Range National Park is located in Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. It was previously protected as a forest reserve. This area covers the Crocker Range that runs north-south, and the mountains here are 1200 – 1800 metres tall. This range seperates the western coastal plain from the rest of Sabah. Although the boundaries of the park have been surveyed, there are currently no visitor facilities present in this area.


Although it is less famous than Kinabalu National Park, this park is actually the largest park in the state at 139,919 hectares. This size actually makes it twice the size of Singapore! The reason why there are not many visitor facilities here is because the forest cover needs to be maintained in order to provide pure water supply for many towns and villages in Sabah. In fact, this park lies between 8 districts. The peak of the mountain is Mt. Alab and the forest is the last remaining hill of dipterocarp forest in Sabah’s west coast.

However, visitors will be able to camp out here or stay in one of the chalets. There is also an exhibition centre, lecture room, viewing tower, fernarium, and an insectarium. Jungle trekking is also a popular activity here. There are 4 major salt trekking routes available at the Crocker Range National Park. If you plan on visiting, we suggest you book a Hotel Reservation in Sabah.


This national park is home to 5 primate species. These include gibbons, orang-utans, macaques, and tarsiers. Tarsiers are furry animals with big round eyes. The Padas River bisects this range between the towns of Tenom and Beaufort.

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