Hot Springs National Park

A lot of visitors enjoy Hot Springs National Park because of the water that is with it. The water has been used for over two hundred years and the reason why is people use it to relax but also to treat sickness or illnesses. Both poor and the rich go to the Hot Springs National Park to take a nice bath and soak in the healing waters. The Hot Springs National Park is the smallest national park within the United States. The waters flow all the way down to the Ouachita Mountain range. The park is a reservation but many people have nicknamed it the American Spa as seekers from all over the world go there to take a bath. Rheumatism is one illness that the doctors usually recommend a therapeutic bath for and some of those patients go to this park to take that bath.

Things to do around Hot Springs National Park

Visitors can enjoy thoroughbred horse racing, seeing some incredible Garven Woodland Botanical gardens, going on park rides at Magic Springs, searching for quartz crystals, seeing art galleries and visiting museums. These activities are all around and some right next to the Hot Springs National Park.

Tour Services

There is a Motorcoach and Tour Services available for visitors and on this tour people will be able to see the City of Hot Springs and visit Garland County. Visitors will be able to learn more about the history of the Hot Springs National Park and the City of Hot Springs.

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