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Mesa Verde National Park

The Mesa Verde National Park is located in Montezuma County, Colorado and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site plus a U.S. national park. In the year 1906 the Mesa Verde National Park was created so that the very best of the cliff dwellings in the entire world could be preserved. There is also a lot of history with the Mesa Verde National Park because the Ancestral Puebloan people use to live at the park and a lot of homes that is in ruins and villages built by the people have been left behind.

The Ancestral Puebloans People

Over 600 years ago the Ancestral Puebloans decided to settle at the Mesa Verde. When they decided to settle there the cliff dwellings didn’t exist at that time. The first settlers became known as basketmakers. They mostly spent their lives living in the pithouses that was clustered and turned into tiny villages. Most of the time they focused on building their homes on top of the mesa tops and other times they would make their homes so that they would hang over the cliffs. Soon the people known as the hunter gatherers started to settle and they would farm plus use the arrow and bow as their weapon.

Around the year 750 CE people started to build the mesa top villages by making them out of adobe and they started building the cliffs in the 12th century. The cliff dwellings is what Mesa Verde is most known for and for having the Cliff Palace which is known as the biggest cliff dwelling that North America has and is very popular all over the world.


Visitors will be able to hike at the Mesa Verde National Park and see some sites that are notable. A few of the sites include the Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House, Mug House, Balcony House, Mesa Verde Reservoirs and the Square Tower House. The park also has a lot of tours for visitors so to find out more about the tours and the hours of them then visitors should call ahead of time.

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