Saguaro National Park

The Saguaro National Park is very popular and known more as a universal symbol for all of the wild American West. The park is able to protect some of the forests that’s beautiful which was needed because of it being on the edge right where Tucson is located. In 1976 the area was designated officially and the back country of it is road less and has around 57,000 acres of the Saguaro National Park.


Hiking is a very known and popular activity to do at the Saguaro National Park. Some people go to the park just to take a short stroll and see how majestic the nature at the park is while others go there just to look at cactus.  The park has both long and short nature trails.

Plant life

A lot of the plants located within the Sonoran Desert are edible plus have a great deal of nutrition with them. The Staghorn Cholla has buds that also have a lot of calcium. There are some plants in the desert that are also poisonous so visitors should not try to eat one if they don’t know which one may or may not be harmful.


The summer time can be very hot and sometimes go over 105 degrees. Visitors should take hats, sunscreen and a lot of water to drink. Each person should have with them a gallon of water each day while they are out hiking. Breaks should be taken often under extreme heat.

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