Voyageurs National Park

Visitors will be able to see some incredible things at the Voyageurs National Park. Over 200 years ago a lot of voyageurs would head out this way and paddle through the birch bark canoes. They would always be on alert for any kind of animal that might get them suddenly while paddling. After they reached their location and spots they would then start to trade goods. All the way through the Minnesota area to the Lake Athabasca, Canada area they would trade. Today instead of trading goods people use the park for other things such as exploring it by motorboat, kayak and the canoe. The water is so crystal clear and beautiful that visitors often times don’t want to stay in their cars because they want to experience all of what the park has to offer.

The Scenery and the Waters

The water is one feature in the park that’s defining and so awe-inspiring. A lot of artists have been inspired at the Voyageurs National Park. In 2007 they did add in some new fishing and boating restrictions so visitors should call and check out the restrictions before doing anything.

While the water is breathtaking at the park so is the scenery. Over 10,000 years ago there was a very thin layer of soil that formed and ever since it formed the forest land thrives on that thin layer. Visitors will be able to touch and see some ancient rocks and go back into time when they are out hiking. During the winter time everything turns into a blanket of snow but during the summer the waters are crystal blue and the light is often times reflected on the lake.


Visitors have spotted a lot of animals at the Voyageurs National Park. Some of the animals include wolves, deer, black bears, owls, eagles and much more. When hiking make sure to listen and see if you can hear some of the animals and at night, people have been able to hear the wolves howl.

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