Wind Cave National Park

The Wind Cave National Park is a great place for hiking, exploring new things such as caves and seeing some wildlife. Some animals that visitors might be able to see include cows, coyotes, Elk, deer, bats, wolves, bobcat, grizzly bear, minks, raccoons, weasels, lions, beavers, squirrels, foxes, chipmunks, rattlesnakes, toads, turtles and much more.

The First Settlers

The hills and the vistas might not have been noticed by the first settles that had to travel west. It was a very difficult and hard journey for them because they had to go over a lot of grassland that was trackless. People driving by can sometimes get a glance of the prairie landscapes.


This is a great place to hike but some of the trails might be slippery, wet and uneven on the surfaces. Visitors might need to bend down or stoop when going into a cave because the ceilings tend to be low. Wearing good walking shoes and avoiding sandals is recommended for hiking. Many visitors have said that the caves are so majestic and beautiful that by the time they live they feel peace inside because of how relaxing it is to look at them and they leave with feelings of joy and hope because of it being such an awe-inspiring journey.

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