20 Species You Don’t Want To Meet

Here’s a list you wish you never saw; the world’s top 20 most scary looking creatures in no particular order. Maybe it’s time to re-think your next dip in the sea or adventurous outdoor trip! Have we missed something? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

20 – The Angler Fish

19 – The Wolf Fish

18 – The Camel Spider

17 – The Viperfish

16 – The Aye Aye

15 – The Sun Spider

14 – The Gharial

13 – The Jumping Spider

12 – The Mouse Spider

11 – The Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar

10 – The Praying Mantis

9 – The Blue-eyed Dragonfly

8 – The Giant Isopod

7 – The Frilled Shark

6 – The Dragonfish

5 – The Giant Grenadier

4 – The Blobfish

3 – The Vampire Bat

2 – The Whip Scorpion

1 – The Fangtooth

Sweet dreams!

  • Tammie

    I’d like to borrow that gigantic spider to throw on my sister!

  • Mark Lloyd Coloma

    Hey! I like this photos. i want to share it to all my friends….

  • unnie

    woah!! crazy!! :) are they all existing?

  • Lizzie

    I think these two animals should be in that list…
    First up, Scutigeromorpha. It is a speacies of cave-dwelling centipede.
    My second choice is the GOBLIN SHARK. There is no competition in my opinion! These two are DEAD ugly :)

    Nice work on the Behring Wolf Fish

  • Haley

    I disagree about number 15 and 13.
    First of all number 15 was just some toy someone made. :) I’ve seen it before.
    Second of all, a jumping spider is very, very tiny. About the size of my pinky nail. They are very cute and fuzzy, and rarely bite. And, they even model for cameras some time!!! I love those little guys. I was lucky enough to be a landing spot for one! XD

  • Mia

    I like how in the banner you used a picture of my dog…

  • arrian

    I can’t believe it. Do they really exist? Scary…

  • skylar

    I think the jumping spider looks dangerous.

  • Sophia

    Dear Lizzie,
    I have no idea who you are but I know these two choices you chose are wonderful. i think i am going to add 2 more. The first is the bloberfish and the second is the wildboar. These animals are totally ugly!!
    Nice work on the animals you chose!

  • saba

    wow! its wonderfull!

  • ergoplex

    some of these r fake

  • isha

    i guess cockroach is the most scary species. iiii..

  • neely

    those are 20 creatures you don’t want to meet

  • matt


  • Kramer

    all of them are existing except the Shark and the Giant isopod, i belive both of these have died out and are prehistoric

  • Kramer

    Jumping spiders are the least you should fear of them all, i think they are cute, thankfuly no one will accidently encounter half the species on the list, but the aye aye is endangerd beacuse the people of madagascar (its only wild habbitat) belive its a demon and uses its long middle figer to pirce the hearts of people in thier sleep, it is killed on sight

  • Holly

    Why is the praying mantis on here? i read te article about it and it doesnt seem bad.

  • tylor

    you dont even have any pics of nurse sharks

  • ZIM

    Job well done, really liked the ideas… Nice.

  • Boom

    Sun spider is faked… this is a picture of a handcrafted camel spider it`s just a replica. You can find some pretty nice other replicas including this spider here: http://www.filmflies.com . And by the way, sun spiders and camel spiders are the same. ^^

  • mason

    I think you should also put down the bird eatint spider.

  • mason

    Haha that’s funny!

  • Keely

    How about the Black Widow Spider, the Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Mamba Snake.. yeah -now there’s something to be scared of!

  • dan

    The Aye Aye is completely harmless.

  • Ninjakiwis

    They believed the shark to be extinct but it was discovered last year. i remember watching seeing it.

  • Hush

    While the list itself was mildly interesting, I must admit that it was the comments in response to it that left me more flabbergasted.

    Not only does it sound like you have false commentators posting (some of these generic responses are just plain insulting), but a lot of them seem like they were written by children or uneducated adults. Is that the target audience for this website? Is it actually for children and I’ve stumbled upon it by accident, expecting something more intelligent to be shared?

    Perhaps if the list did something other than show pictures and actually named some facts about the animals, you’d receive better responses but for now you’re stuck with gems like “Hey! I like this photos. i want to share it to all my friends…”

  • rajeshvarma

    These are created by the nature

  • hi

    vampire bats aren’t really dangures and it’s rare for them to bite humens

  • Brittany
  • robin

    this seems like a list of 20 animals, enlarged photos of which you wouldn’t wanna see. many of the animals listed here are endangered and/or completely harmless to humans. so, for the sake of conservation we should be posting facts about them, not myths.

  • Your Name:

    Actually, Kramer, i saw the Giant Isopod at Riverbanks Zoo And Garden in Columbia, South Carolina June 1st, 2010 on a school field trip.

  • jason

    and actually 15 (the sun spider) is just another name for 18 (the camel spider) which in fact in the picture is actually to attached dead camel spiders/sun spider

  • Kath

    This should be titled: 20 species you don’t want to mess-up with.

  • lol

    the blobfish and the spicebush swallowtail caterpillar is not dangerous. i searched it on wiki.

  • kilrr

    i personally think the blob fish is adorable. but everything else is definately scary. especially those fish! the isopod is absolutely creepy.

  • Iz

    The caterpillar and the dragonfly are cute. Wish I can have the blobfish to throw on my friends for a prank XD


    there is a fish in the congo rivers called “demon fish” would think that a 5ft huge piranah would best describe it and would commend the list of 20 most scary creatures. please let me know what you think.

  • Ted

    They all look a little bit scary, but none of these little cuties is ever going to hunt you down and eat you. Come on down under to Oz. We’ve got scarier things in the back yard.

  • gottabeanony

    Hahaha! I completely agree with you, as I noticed the exact same thing with these comments.

  • Deepica Rani

    I’m in love with Jumping Spider. She’s so hot.

  • Harry

    That’s cool. i really want to know why those species look danger. and i absolutely dont want to mess with tem lol

  • Halidom

    Most of the sea life you show live at depths that no swimmer could ever reach. The animals you show are scary looking but not really dangerous. In Australia the box jellyfish is what you don’t want to be near and most shark attacks are on surfers or paddle borders who are splashing through the water like a wounded fish. I’ve been bitten a couple of times by a white tailed spider and in some cases this can be deadly. Like most things this depends on your own immune system.

  • Syro

    I love the vampire bat and think that it is something that shouldnt be messed with. I can kill a human in there sleep bite biting the victim and there saliva produces a type of blood thinner that make the wound continuosly bleeds, which is all the bat wants.

  • Sarah

    I think the Eye Eye is kinda cute!

  • Sarah

    I Completly and Totally agree!!!

  • Sarah

    Vampire Bats usally only bite cattle.

  • Sarah

    I know! The jumping spider and praying mantis look nothing like that unless you were to take the time to put them in front of a microscope!

  • Sarah

    Yeah sure it can do that but it’s not like we’re cattle (a.k.a. The vampire bat’s main target.) who probably woulden’t feel a thing. If your continuously bleeding, it seems like a thing you might wake up to. Unless you can sleep through anything, then I say it probably won’t get to that point. Plus, it’s pretty rare for a vampire bat to bite a human.

  • Sarah

    It’s completly harmless!!!

  • matthew

    hay kramer the shark and the giant isopod both exist so shut up about your nonsenes.

  • Mo

    BAH! Most of these can’t/wont hurt you. They’re too small, and Camel/Sun Spiders have no way to inject their venom into human beings. The Whip Scorpion however, can deliver a nasty punch when threatened, they spray Formic Acid from glands in their abdomen, and use their tail to spray it around…*like a silly sprinkler*

  • Jack

    Does the frilled shark have any eyes?

  • sarah

    that is so gross and scary !

  • Kerr

    Yah, why don’t you have them three on here?

  • Oboney

    These are wiked scary!! My brother would run away cring if he saw these!

  • syafiq

    i agree….usually,vampire bats only on animal bloods….

  • Foxcaty

    i like praying mantis and jumping spiders they arn’t scary and arn’t that dangous.. except a few jumpers

  • Sierra

    Jumping spiders aren’t scary and neither are dragonflies or Mantises. Your list needs to be fixed.
    I think the scariest one on there though is the wolf fish, i’ve heard that those things can bite through steel

  • Falcor

    The spicebush swallowtails are adorable! So cute! I would def love to meet one of them! Lol.

  • romans3_23-24

    the blobfish and caterpillar are where its at

  • Emma

    I’ve received both a Brown Recluse bite and Black Widow, they’re native to my area, and neither of them did a lot of damage to me. IF treated you’re fine.

  • Conor

    It’s an anticoagulant it injects, along with a form of local anesthetic (why you wouldn’t wake up). The bat just laps up the blood until it’s full, and fies off. For something human sized, this is fine as they only weigh a few tens of grammes, and it would be pointless to overinject either of these two chemical’s at the bat’s expense.
    Oh, and it detects animals by heat signatures and following carbon dioxide trails from our breathing. And it can hear heartbeat at a close enough range to determine if its ‘prey’ is awake or not.

  • Conor

    The jumping spider is actually pretty dangerous. It’s a predatory spider (ie. one that doesn’t use a web to catch its prey) which is why it jumps. It’s got the highest blood pressure of any living species, enabling it to force blood through its legs that fast as to jump enormous distances. Its legs work using a hydraulic system, and its venom has been evolved to be a one-hit-kill affair, due to its attack style.

  • Vita

    I have camel spiders in my house. They’re nocturnal, and I think they live under my clothes dryer. They are extra super ugly, and next to impossible to kill, but harmless. Or so I hear. I don’t trust ‘em.

  • Julie

    If you read the description, it says you don’t want to meet these creatures because they are frightening looking, not dangerous. You say you want to read more about these creatures when you can’t even read the headline of the slide show.

  • Artsvett

    Well yes, if you are a small insect, I suppose it would be dangerous.

  • Artsvett

    The list sucks. And nr. 9 is not a dragonfly, it’s a damselfly.

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