Top 10 World’s Ugliest Creatures

Are you ready to see 10 of the worlds most ugliest creatures known to man? Do these animals look so foul and so ugly to scare away predators at the mere sight of them? or does mother nature just have a weird sense of humor? you decide! from the least to the worst here are our top 10 world’s ugliest creatures.

10. Mata Mata

Mata Mata
Mata Mata

Mata Mata

The first entry, resembling an offensive looking rock is the Mata Mata. If you couldn’t tell its actually a turtle, and it’s hands down the ugliest turtle in the world. The Mata Mata is found in South America and regardless of its great skill as a hunter this ugly turtle isn’t exactly thriving in the wild. This could be because potential partners can’t stand looking at each other or maybe just because every time its prey sees its hunters face it zips off like lightening, who knows?

9. Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

The Vulture has got to be one of the ugliest animals on the planet and probably holds the title for ugliest bird on the planet. Its the head of these ugly birds that does it, the fleshy red and pink color looking like its just been in a fire and didn’t quite escape coupled with the awful saggy skin that’s lumpy and scaly looking.. Its really not a very nice image. These birds are scavengers and eat other animals left overs and carrion meat, you are what you eat i guess!

8. Sloth



Like the vulture, what makes the sloth ugly is its head. Surely this creature is a joke, what does its face even represent? a naked skull? dog? weasel? It just looks like a mix of rubbish looking animal facial features. Not only is the sloth ugly but its also very slow moving and judging by its gormless face its probably got a few problems upstairs as well.

7. Hagfish



It was hard to find a good picture that really spoke volumes about how ugly the Hagfish is so i settled for this instead. Basically the Hagfish is more like an Eel than a fish and a foul looking slimy Eel at that. The Hagfish secretes a slime or mucus when attacked by a predator that some sick individuals actually use as a cooking ingredient! What makes the Hagfish much uglier than an Eel is that there is no real discernable face, its more like a big worm or growth.

6. Tarsier



The Tarsier is a primate that feeds on insects, snakes and even birds. This ugly little primate is fairly rare and regardless of numerous breeding programs when held in captivity all fail miserably which is not surprising giving that they are one of the ugliest primates on earth. Tarsier’s have even been known to injure or kill themselves because of stress, its no surprise really, would you be happy if you looked like some kind of deformed Leprechaun?

5. Horseshoe Bat

Horseshoe Bat
Horseshoe Bat

Horseshoe Bat

The Horseshoe Bat is hands down the ugliest bat nature has ever produced. It gets its name from the leaf type growth on its nose which serves to enhance communication. Now it may seem that the Horseshoe Bat got the ‘horseshoe’ part of its name because it looks like its face has been beaten to a pulp with a horseshoe but if you believe that then you would be mistaken! The reason is in fact that the shape of the nose is generally similar to that of a horseshoe. Apparently.

4. Star Nosed Mole

Star Nosed Mole
Star Nosed Mole

Star Nosed Mole

Wow. That is one disgusting nose, it actually looks very, very sore. This raw-nosed mole is the Star Nosed Mole and is actually fairly common in the eastern United States and Canada but luckily for anyone that has a feint heart the ugly mole spends most of its time underground foraging for its primary insect food source. I wouldn’t recommend going swimming in Star Nosed Mole territory however as they are expert swimmers and quite frankly the thought of being chased by one of these ugly moles is quite terrifying!

3. Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat
Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat

If you see the word ‘naked’ in the same sentence as ‘mole’ or ‘rat’ then odds are its not going to be a very pretty result. So here we have the Naked Mole Rat which just seems to be overkill when ‘saggy bag of flesh rat’ would suffice. This is even worse than the Star Nosed Mole, this disgusting animal luckily spends a lot more time underground than the Star Nosed Mole however and as such has adapted to a life underground where its so dark physical beauty obviously doesn’t count for anything.

2. Aye Aye

Aye Aye
Aye Aye

Aye Aye

Its debatable whether or not the Aye Aye is uglier than the previous entries in the list, especially the Naked Mole Rat. There is no doubt that the Aye Aye is one ugly little critter but more than just physically ugly the Aye Aye seems to have the look of some kind of mentally unpredictable animal which makes it seem even uglier and a lot more terrifying! These disgusting tree rats are the worlds largest nocturnal primates but luckily they can only be found in Madagascar!

1. Blobfish



So here we have it, the hands down no questions asked ugliest creature on earth. The irrefutably disgusting Blobfish! If you’re an avid visitor to It’s Nature then you probably haven’t missed out on the Blobfish article, even there we spoke about how ugly this creature is. The Blobfish resembles a very ugly deformed looking human face when underwater and when brought out of water it drys up fast and this can cause its skin and blood vessels to rupture so no matter which way you look at the Blobfish you will never catch one glimpse of it looking less than disgusting!

Well that’s all for the Top 10 Worlds Ugliest Creatures, i hope you had a bucket or sick bag with you before you started reading, i warned you didn’t i?

  • Emma

    omigosh! the blobfish is so cool-looking! I want one!

  • Steph

    You guys are actually so disrespectful.
    it’s not their fault that they’re born that way is it?
    its the same things as showing the top 10 ugliest human beings.
    the top 10 worlds interesting creatures is more like it.
    im so disgusted in you.

  • arrian

    spooky… these animals could be great on horror movies. Scary enough.

  • Jasmin

    hey emma those blobfish are way cool. im also into creepy stuff


  • americus

    on the contrary, tarsiers look cute with those big eyes!

  • bystrouska

    I might be weird, but actually, apart from the Naked Mole Rat (which really looks like it got last to the clothes store on a sales day, poor thing!), I don’t find any of these animals ugly at all… Tarsiers and aye-aye look very cute indeed, so does the starfish mole and the sloth has a cool and funny little head.
    And, yeah, blobfish’s awesome. :D

  • Kayla

    they are all cute but you just hating because you dont look like them

  • Kayla

    i know right i want one to

  • Kayla

    thank you at least i am not the only one

  • lauren

    they are all strange

  • kyra

    steph……. i think ur going a little over the top with this.

  • Kyra

    I no right!!! they are some of the cutest things that ive ever seen!

  • hi

    um these are cute not ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mani rastogi

    they are sweet but some one like not intresting

  • Razin

    You just insult these animals.

  • Ugly2

    But I wouldn’t wanna go to sleep in the same room with any of them–you understand that, of course.

  • Pachaun

    oh god they r ugly………… but some r cute really i think that some of dem r cute. the sloth is kinda cute but the blob fish just makes me want to turn around and walk away but not that kind of turn around and walk away just the well…..well i bet it fells slimmy but but just just i….. I really should stop talking shouldent i.

  • lyndz

    i can’t recognize the eye of the star nose mole…..

  • Alice

    I actually think the blobfish, the ayeaye, the tarsier, the sloth and the star nosed mole are really cute!

  • Kellie M.

    Heyy i have a blob fish and i get very hostail if you make fun of him

  • Shorti

    I think there all kinda cute in there own special way!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I think he is sooo right!!!! It’s mean to insult these creatures! It’s not their fault about the way they look! It’s just nature!

  • Sarah

    I’m with you!

  • Sarah

    Well… I woulden’t put it that way but they aren’t as badas you would think if you think about it, I mean… what if YOU were in their shoes!?

  • Sarah

    I agree!

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    These animals aren’t that bad! Yeah they aren’t the CUTEST animals ever but who cares! They are alive and there’s nothing you can do about it!

  • Sarah

    I can’t find the eye on the Naked Mole Rat.

  • WhiskersMouse

    I totally agree. It’s not the outside that matters, the inside matters the most.

  • Robin

    The mole rat is well cute.

  • JeKKerz

    Them 10 things are G-R-O-S-S. Definatly the Aye Aye thing!

  • HauntedCreeper

    I agree full shot, WhiskersMouse.

  • TannStarz

    no way, not the Aye Aye or blobfish, Alice!

  • BigEyed&Cute

    YEAH totally!

  • Mani Kandan35

    hey the blobfish are toooooooooo….. cool that I want it
    I never saw suh a creature

  • Yale13

    that’s exactly what i said, the thing’s awsome!!

  • Neer_Cool

    Love all the creatures in the world. Nothing is ugly.

  • albino child

    im gonna call the blobfish Norman. :)

  • Bloosom

    thoose animals are so ugly they have 2 go 2 some where so far no one would see them

    i am so glad i am not one one them, i mean just look at them, so so uugglly.]

    plz reply and agree with me

  • Sweetie

    hva eu lost your mind they r so ugly i can’t belive i’m reading this

  • get A life..

    You guys waste your time arguing about if the top 10 ugliest animals are ugly? hahahPr

  • Aatish087

    i agree wiz u Steph

  • Ivy

    Where are some of these animals from?

  • Ivy

    Where are some of these animals from?

  • Sadiekinspup

    it disgusting


    The blog fish is disgusting has you people lost ur mind


    these cute?? ewww their gross

  • jade sanchez

    that is sum nastyness.

  • Anonymous

    i have no idea!

  • ShawnT24

    Blob fish is the ugliest animal on EVERY WEBSITE.

  • ycbin8

    You are being pretty mean to these creatures. But it is a funny article.

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