Scape Ore Monster

In 1988 late one night in Bishopville, South Carolina, Chris Davis was attacked whilst changing a car tyre at the roadside of the Scape Ore Swamp. As the story goes, Chris was confronted by a large biped with scaly green skin and razor sharp claws extending from spindly fingers. The monster jumped onto the roof of Chris’s car, but Chris managed to drive away unharmed.

Many local residents tell tales of a reptile-like biped (walks upright on two legs) that is said to stalk the Scape Ore Swamp, and has frightened many people away and sometimes even damaged cars.

Also known as ‘The Lizard Man Of Lee County’ or ‘The Lizard Man Of Scape Ore Swamp’. The Lizard Man is commonly described as upto 7 feet tall with glowing red eyes and covered in green scales with the features of a lizard (although sometimes described as human in facial structure).

There is a large amount of interest in reptilian-like humanoids and several specialist groups dedicated to tracking down these beasts. Over the years no one has been successful in explaining the so called ‘Lizard Men’ despite countless attempts.

Many people may see the ‘Lizard Man’ as far fetched, when in actuality tales of so called Lizard Men and reptile-like humanoids go back to old myths spanning across India, China and Europe. Some even believe that these ‘Lizard Men’ are the key to proving extraterrestrial life.

  • james cryptid

    this sounds pretty neat to me..really because i love things like dragons and half man half dinosaur or lizard things i would enjoy seeing a lizard man….from a nice distance and away from the claws <D

  • sander

    This is so awesome and fantastic!

  • John

    Saw something like this once on a river in North Carolina that comes off of Lake Wacamaw. Had permission to deer hunt a vast area there that was mostly swamp. Deer would lay on the few high pieces of ground. Anyway I was in a boat frog gigging one night and heard a splashing noise off to my side. I turned my head (had one of those lights you can use on your head) and saw for a spit second what appeared to be a green scalely something stand up on thick legs and then it just flopped back down and vanished. I use cameras during the deer season to track deer movement and it takes pictures at night as well. One night I caught an image of about the same thing. What I’ve sense determined is that it was an aligator (seen many in this river). When my light hit it,it temperalily upset it to the point it kind of sprang or lurched forward and up to try and get away. This briefly made it look (especially if you’re shaken up some) like it was walking or rather standing on two legs. South Carolina rivers have aligators and I image this is what people are seeing. I’ve even seen (in the daytime) aligators come up from the river and climb up onto the front of cars. I guess they enjoy the heat from off the car being cold blooded. This is probably what happened to the fellow who was changing his tire. Aligator sneaked up and spooked him and climbed onto his car.

  • moxie

    Way cool!! Do you think its real? glad i dont live aropund there!!! I do not know if its true or not!!

  • Purrson

    sounds like one of those aliens from ben 10 or one of the leftovers from an old movie

  • Mr. X

    To John,
    The only problem with it being an alligator is that the guy who was changing his tire remembers the thing running towards him across a field. As far as I’m concerned alligators are not long range runners. I mean, sure they can sprint on their hind legs for short distances, but the fact is, I can’t really bring myself to believe that an alligator would run across a field just to jump on a car in the middle of the night. Glad I could help:)
    Professional person of that place over in that direction.

  • robert

    i’ve seen a similar creature in nyc but it’s chin was long down his chest with cat eyes

  • robert

    i’ve seen a similar creature in nyc but it’s chin was long down his chest with cat eyes

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