Lizard Fish

The Lizard fish is a smaller predator fish that lives in the depths of the water.

They are found throughout the world.

The Lizard Fish has a very short dorsal fin, a small fatty second dorsal fin and a caudal fin which bursts a very deep fork in it.

Lizard Fish
Lizard Fish

It has a large mouth with needle-like teeth.

They are small oval or cylinder shaped fishes.

They have mouths that are completely filled with very spiny sharp rather needle like teeth. Strangely enough even their tongues have teeth on them.

There are sixty odd species of lizard fish, and each has the tongue teeth as well.

Lizard fish are what is known as an ambush predator, which will sit on the bottom and wait for their prey to come tot hem before grabbing it in very sharp toothed jaws.

Deep-sea lizardfish are covered in very tough scales and can be dark brown or black as well as a variety of other colorations.

They have black eyes and the lining of their mouths and gill areas are black as well.

The Lizardfish lives on the bottom and ranges in many different habitats. It can live in coral reefs, and also equally well in silt-filled areas of rubble type habitat.

The lizard fish ranges throughout the Indio Pacific area.

Deep Sea Lizard Fish
Deep Sea Lizard Fish

In Australia it is found from north western areas to the north of the continent and south to the New South Wales areas.

It has not been known to be a notable danger to man, and is a fairly common sight to divers in the coral reefs areas.

  • Tom

    this lizard fish looks damn scary.

  • kinyari

    These fish are totally awesome

  • katie baston

    i want to know if you have any information. you see, i am a resercher. i would like to add a underwater creature that has no legs. so far i have reserched octopusses tigers and scropions.the kind of lizard fish i want is the green and round kind.

    hope you know what i`m talking about!

  • catha hardges

    can you eat lizzard fish?

  • tammy sicklethorp

    This fish freaks me out!

  • Celia Alvyn

    We saw a lizardfish(?) with a row of spines along its back washed up on a Gulf beach. Any info would be appreciated.

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  • Death

    they are cute

  • David “Death” Evans

    can u get a lizard fish as a pet because they are really cute. and what are the biggest and smallest size of a lizard fish

  • David “Death ” Evans

    must agree with you there this fish is AWSOME

  • David “Death” Evans

    naa it looks well cute and what about it do you find scary

  • anthony orrell

    i found something on local beach scroll down for imfo

  • knowledge seeker

    can you eat that thing

  • A120437

    im doing this fish for my final year project to complete my master..its really a lizard

  • Turner

    u can eat anythink u like really hun

  • Courtney

    Disgusting thing.

  • wow

    If you’re a researcher, do you’re own damn work, (no offense), but jesus christ, an underwater creature that has no legs, type in FISH, dumbass!

  • [email protected]

    Theres a snack that is made in Thailand made with small fin lizard fish. they are dried strans that can be f`ried, microwaved and added to your crackhead soup with a little Sesame sead oil> Actually is healthy!

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